God has brought me through many physical, emotional and spiritual tests in which I have had to depend upon Him. He has shown me the order of life--God, Family, Extended Family (Body of Christ). I have been blessed with a wonderful bride of 14 years, as well as, 4 beautiful children. Through these things and my experience in life and ministry, I continue to see God’s hand in mighty ways. May I continue to give Him all the praise and honor each day. Although life can be filled with struggles, the hope for all of life, and life eternal, has and always will be the same—surrender completely to Yeshua the Messiah.

I have had the privilege of serving the body of Christ as a pastor and ministry leader for over 13 years. This would also include speaking appearances at different ministry events such as Disciple Now weekends, retreats and conferences, public schools, as well as preaching and teaching at other churches upon invitation.