Feast Reminders 

Purim 03-21-19

Rosh Chodesh

04-06-19 (Hillel II, Astronomical Conjunction, Cited Mood [Possibly])

04-07-19 (Cited Moon - more likely)

Earliest Pesakh Date(s)

04-19-19 (Hillel II and Astronomical Conjunction)

04-20-19 (Cited Moon - likely)

Weekly Schedule

We will have a shared meal or snack after service followed by a Midrash (discussion). You are encouraged to bring your favorite clean foods.  All clean [טָהוֹר] (tahor) foods are found in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14.  

Saturdays (Sabbath or Shabbat)

9:30 AM Torah Reading

10:30 am Worship and Teaching Service

12:15 pm Shared Meal

13:15 Midrash

Sometimes our weekly schedule must be altered so check our Facebook page or the post(s) below for the latest updates! You can also request to join the private House of Shiloh group by clicking this link!