What Does It Mean to be Torah Observant?

In this Torah Portion we find Jacob leaving the danger of his own
household, to only find pitfalls and dangers within this new family of
Laban’s. We have all spent the last week with family, navigating in areas that
many of us have walked away from years ago, only to relive many of
those emotions, the ups and downs, and memories. As Jacob is separating from Laban at the Jacob – they build a pillar or memorial called a Galeed and Mizpah. This memorial was set to mark
the boundaries between two families, two clans, and two nations. Galeed and Mizpah When you establish boundaries and you separate from someone who is going in a different direction – it must be very clear what your differences are, and most importantly, you must know what you
stand for – so in future generations they ask, what is this memorial and what does it mean – they will not hesitate for they know the Covenant from which they live under.

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